Version and Retention Options


Recover critical files with file versioning

Recover critical files with file versioning. Backups are kept for a standard retention period, the default being 28 days. This is ideal in a world where files are continually changing but if a file hasn’t changed in the last 60 days you’ll only have one copy of it. ‘File versioning’ allows you to specify the files for which multiple versions should be kept, even if the older versions surpass the default retention period.


Multi Operating System (OS) Compatibility

File Versioning supports files from Windows and Mac OS X systems.

Establish Version Retention

You can provide the ability for customers to define the number of unique file versions SecuredBackup should keep for them. This overrides the backup retention policies to ensure your customers can recover an earlier version of a file whenever they need to.

World-class cloud storage

Archived data is stored in one of SecuredBackup’s six secure data centers – centers that have 24/7 physical security and which are either SSAE compliant or ISO certified and provide a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Hybrid-cloud archiving

Archives are saved both to the cloud and to local storage (if that’s what you need), for redundancy and immediate availability. Should an archive be needed and the Internet is down, recovery can be implemented quickly and seamlessly from local storage.

Centralized monitoring and reporting

Manage your backups centrally from the cloud where you can monitor and be alerted to the state of your backups, storage use, data backed up and the success/failure of each job.