Built From The Inside Out

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SecuredStore is dedicated to creating an industry standard for smart and Secured Cloud Solutions

SecuredStore’s Software Team

SecuredStore’s software team has built a system that is extremely flexible on every layer. The solution entails distributing the environment into manageable microservices. This way SecuredStore can take what is known and break it into small pieces to manage forward-moving business requests. In addition, SecuredBackup notion of everything “on-demand” provides continuous support for SecuredStore’s IT needs, removing the traditional capital investment risks that are associated with hardware purchases.

In addition, in order to address the ever-changing operations and business requirements, the solution involves building scrum-oriented teams of multidisciplinary software professionals. Emind cloud experts joined the force in order to create a trustworthy, fast and agile team, impervious to cultural differences with the ability to work across teams and companies.


An environment should be able to deploy no matter where it is. In order to maintain different types of hardware, SecuredStore has to ensure that various versions of supporting software are created and organized accordingly. Additionally, maintaining different types of hardware requires various versions of supporting software to be created and properly orchestrated. By automating the end to end creation of SecuredStore’s cloud environment for testing purposes, hardware engineers can easily and quickly have a SecuredStore software stack replicated in the cloud that is dedicated for development and testing. The option to automatically build the complete stack from scratch and shut it down the same way enables speed, effectiveness, and efficiency by not utilizing unnecessary resources (e.g., terminating dev and test environments).


By utilizing the SecuredStore infrastructure, SecuredBackup is enabled with resource provisioning flexibility and has been able to remove the risk that accompanies an exponential growth in demand. In preparation for the influx, SecuredStore and SecuredBackup performed tests to simulate the predicted increase of wireless power devices and users.

High Availability

Instead of trying to understand or redefine how high availability is implemented, SecuredStore’s architects opted to focus on how to deploy while coding. In order to reach users worldwide in the most efficient way possible, Securedstore experts set up SecuredBackup’s service and backup to work across multiple infrastructures. With SecuredBackup, SecuredStore leverages advanced Cloud services such as DynamoDB and SQS. As a result, the need to design architecture and deploy backup and DR solutions is simplified.
In addition, maintaining backward compatibility with each microservice is key. With every upgrade, a few resources that hold the previous version can upgrade seamlessly with backward compatibility without affecting user experience.

Compliance & Regulation

SecuredBackup’s acclaimed best practices entail securely constructing enterprise cloud architecture and have supported SecuredStore’s security design process, implementing a number of crucial operations to increase protection. By means of SecuredStore Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and SecuredStore’s Unified Threat Management (UTM), SecuredStore now enjoys the peace of mind that accompanies utilizing an isolated and controlled virtual network.

What’s more, the SecuredStore UTM platform has equipped the network with a firewall to enable secure access, including VPN and SSL, as well as detect suspicious activity. SecuredStore UTM collaborated with Snort to support network security intrusion detection and prevention whilst supporting file changes and data integrity via Ossec. Additionally, operating system hardening is used to continuously update all of the system’s components, further removing as many risks as possible.

Other precautionary measures that are taken to ensure security include auditing, anti-virus protection, identity access management, foolproof authentication, and monitoring. Auditing entails streamlining all security component event logs to VPN-NETWORKS, where the log repository is then analyzed in real-time and saved to forecast trends. Accordingly, every piece of data is archived for seven years, in line with the PCI DSS regulation rules. Respectively, anti-virus protection must be deployed and maintained on all of the hosts according to PCI DSS, as well. In addition, in order to maintain access and identification control, SecuredBackup utilizes Microsoft Active Directory along with AWS Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and Duo Security for identity management, authentication and authorization of the network and VPN. Identity access management is maintained by means of password rotation policies and individual based access restrictions. A unified dashboard enables SecuredStore to have complete real-time visibility, with centralized alerts and notifications based on VPN-NETWORKS logging and Nagios.

Performance & Monitoring

In order to get real-time notifications about network issues, SecuredStore’s IT team and SecuredBackup’s experts created a sophisticated mechanism that monitors the connectivity of the data stream to and from the LPs. In case of an event the system tries to automatically reconnect and reinitiate the data stream. In addition, a notification is generated to the operations team to inspect the issue. Events logs are then generated and stored within a dedicated data store for fast data processing and support at minimal response times.