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Our Story

SecuredStore was developed as a HIPPA compliant service by our team back in 2011. Seeing that there was a need for secured file storage in other markets SecuredStore was launched to service healthcare companies. SecuredStore offers SecuredCloud and SecuredBackup. Both solutions are primarily designed for companies that have sensitive data that need protection. SecuredStore came up with a team working Solutions called SecuredCloud. This solution allows the user to share files securely, encrypt files, emails, and other sensitive data. SecuredCloud can be used with any web interface or use our desktop client.SecuredStore has launched a Disaster Recovery cloud solution SecuredBackup. This solution allows the customer to back up all their data including but not limited to Disk Imaging, Microsoft SQL Backup, Microsoft Exchange Backup, BMR (Bare Metal Restore) Intelligent de-duplication, and much more.SecuredStore has grown since 2011 and aiming to launch our SecuredStore Server Appliances in Q2 2017.

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Bill Rooney

Bill Rooney

Lead Programmer

Bill has over 20 years experience in the IT world. He has worked for companies just as Cablevision ,Bloomberg, and Viacom. Bill holds a Bachelor of Science at NYIT

Daniel Rogers

Daniel Rogers

IT Director

Mr. Rogers came onboard in 2015. Daniels role is to oversee the day to day operations in the IT Division. Mr. Rogers spent most of his career at Chase as the Director of Operations in IT. Mr. Rogers holds an MBA in Finance through SUNY

Nick Castalano

Nick Castalano

HIPAA Engineer

Nick Castalano has worked with many hospitals in the New York area since 1996. His roles as HIPAA Compliance Engineer brings a lot to the team. Mr. Castalano works closely with the programming team to ensure that all our code is up to date with HIPAA.  Nick holds many IT Certifications including a Bachelors in IT at NYIT