SecuredStore Case Study

The Challenge

Companies with a technology problem – backups using their  antiquated tape system took too long.  Furthermore,companies have to rely on employees manually changing  tapes every day and storing them in a fire and waterproof location.  companies are looking to replace  its existing tape backup with a modern and reliable solution that wouldn’t compromise their data in the  event of a disaster.  Based on these criteria it was obvious for our customers to take a closer look at our specialized backup  service solution (SecuredBackup), offering not only backup and restore software, but also a solution for automatically  storing a copy of the data externally in the cloud for disaster recovery purposes.

The Solution

Protect Online Backup with SecuredBackup.
 SecuredBackup provides a  solution that is FIPS 140 2 government certified and also includes a 256 bit encryption for data at rest and in flight as part of the secure backup process.  By providing clients with a customized recovery strategy on top of solid, secure backups, SecuredBackup is able to satisfy clients’ recovery time  objectives, manage the exponential growth in companies’ critical data, and manage storage costs while reducing the backup window which can be crucial for businesses that need 24 hour uptime. That means that our company doesn’t have to worry about swapping tapes, the security risk of taking the tapes offsite, or worry about forgetting to bring the tapes back when they are needed most.” By partnering with managed backup service experts like SecuredBackup, companies can ensure  that their business‐critical data has the highest level of data protection.  Protect is both a local and cloud based solution that provides automated backup, recovery and protection of critical data while exceeding industry standards for its level of encryption.

Secured Corporate Data

We Rethought Everything









Best in Security AES 256BIT Encryption

Built with High End Security

SecuredBackup is designed with AES 256BIT Encryption along with 128BIT tunnels for added security for your Data

Built From the Inside Out

SecuredStore hired top engineers to design SecuredBackup. We have compared side by side with other solutions and has yet to be penetrated

Extensive Studies

Our R&D team worked closely with SecuredStore’s Programming team has put the latest technologies in place for your data secuirty
  • Relibality 100% 100%
  • Bandwidth 100% 100%
  • Restore Rate 100% 100%
  • Customer Service 100% 100%

The Results Were Amazing

Since SecuredBackup came out in 2015 we have been on top for Data Security. We have built this solution around HIPAA Compliance, SOX, and may others to ensure that your data would not be compromised in the event of a cyber attack