Our Server-side de-duping functions on a per-client basis, the de-duplication of redundant files is dynamic (based on the customers real-time tested upload bandwidth) the self-tuning compression and differentials determine optimal settings per each file, giving you the most effecient data utilization while improving your storage efficiency.

De-Duping, compression & diffentials can reduce data down 64%

We’ve been serving the backup business for years now and we’ve learned that the average small business will backup around 11GB of uncompressed data, which with efficient compression, differentials, de-duplication, and retention results in just under 4GB of storage using our Add to dictionary for Resellers solution, though your numbers will vary depending on which specific applications, such as Microsoft Exchange or SQL databases, are being backed up.

Global deduplication

Global deduplication reduces backup data across multiple devices and sites, so the devices act as one large system. The alternative is local dedupe, which reduces data on each device individually. Global deduplication becomes more important to your data storage environment when you have more data to back up and use more devices because it can often improve deduplication ratios. However, one of the biggest benefits of global dedupe is the ability to efficiently manage multiple devices. For instance, global dedupe allows load balancing and high availability.

Why Use SecuredStore?

SecuredBackup major data backup Solution with dedupe today offer global deduplication.

SecuredBackup does global deduplication

SecuredBackup does global deduplication, mainly because it’s less complicated to handle global dedupe in backup software than on target devices. The other backup solutions only handles new files, while target dedupe devices have to look at all files and that slows down the process and complicates global dedupe.

What is Data Deduplication?

Data deduplication is a storage capacity optimization technique that identifies repeated sets of data in a data stream and eliminates them, retaining a single copy on physical media. Metadata and pointers are used to track each logical data instance that maps to the physical copy. Backup data deduplication was established in the backup space as multiple, repeated full backups of a server or virtual machine that could be heavily deduplicated because they contained either the same unchanged data or were based on a single master image.

How SecuredBackup Approaches Intelligent Deduplication

SecuredBackup looks at the data itself and building in intelligent deduplication based on the application content rather than basing it on simple block-level identification. File-level dedupe can identify files that can be single instanced, including file attachments on backups of email systems. Again, these processes are making the backup client more intelligent, reducing the workload on the network and the back-end deduplication engine.